9 Iowa State from DeAndre Kane had 30

9 Iowa State from DeAndre Kane had 30 points and 7 Baylor panic active defense against cyclones tend to lose the second time this season, 87 - 72 Tuesday night Wholesale Jerseys.

This way, people think sloppy Bears 74 - 67 loss to No. 2, Syracuse Maui Invitational championship in late November .

If the Bears can do a little better ball?

" Can solve a lot of problems , " Drew said. "They lead to transition baskets. Again, credit led them to Iowa and we will better handle these types of defensive philosophy the next .Cheap Custom Jerseys"

Iowa ( team still 14:0,2 - 0 Big 12 ) , which is a school record 14 -game winning streak , negating the size advantage Baylor Bears in double-teaming the post players , and forcing a bad pass. Big man Isaiah Austin , Corey Jefferson and Taurus Prince combined 12 team turnovers , offset their strong play . " They use defense, it is difficult to put the ball inside, " Drew said. "It's like in football when you put 8 and 9 in the box . Difficult to run it. " The second thing is that they are doing very well doubled. Tonight I think they are very active in the movie we thought we could make more use of it , I was wrong , so we have to work more effectively , more fun double team . "Wholesale Hero Cape