Federal Communications Commission

Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday moved to curb the power of sports on television, fans disappointed many of them over the years to stop people watching the local team.2013 Cheap Jerseys

Proposal, the Commission still needs final vote, 40-year-old will reform the rules are not written in the stadium watching the game as popular as television.Cheap Trade Nike NFL Jerseys

FCC said that the reform will mainly affect the NFL. Currently, if a National Football League team does not sell tickets to the stadium on Thursday, the local broadcast of the game is blacked out. Provisions designed to protect the ticket sales, but increasingly fierce fans, legislators and satellite and cable companies lobbying coalition of organizations to overthrow it.

Case of power failure can play this weekend at Buffalo;, where bills and the Miami Dolphins play, and more than 15,000 tickets remain unsold.Cheap NFL Men's Custom Jerseys

"There is evidence that, nearly 40 years later, the sport lost control rules relevance and usefulness," FCC members Laybourne small Minc said in a statement. "Changing the rules are still in the market questioned the public interest, particularly in the high fares and many sports enthusiasts to participate in the economic game is hard."