"Reassess" NBA's top 20 players, mid-2013 offseason edition

Now, we are concerned about 2013 - Season 14 injured were allowed to return ranked stellar rise of the NBA's best players.

Say hello, Rose, Rajon - Rondo and Kevin Love. Did you miss them?

You do if you're a fan of the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the rest of the NBA can breath in their absence.

Of course, these three superstar to join the association's 17 other former players. We have a lot of young guns and some aging nail mixed rankings. 2012 - 13 movement into a large number of analysis, but it is also anticipated changes will occur for each player 2013 - season 14. That's why you can find a "up", "recession" or similar prediction label on the bottom of the slide for each player.

Do your favorite players in the top 20 do? Who would you do?