LeBron James soars above $1 million dunk offers and other distractions

As LeBron James lifted higher and higher, he cocked the ball behind his head and reached back further inside Madison Square Garden. Pass stolen, Carmelo Anthony doubled over in angst, and James had come to deliver the perfect punctuation on one more peerless performance. Higher and higher, James elevated in the final seconds of a virtuoso victory over the New York Knicks on Sunday. Higher and higher over purposeless debates cheap jerseys of financial ransoms for pointless dunk contests, higher and higher over a sport that struggles to find context and comparison for the way with which his greatness has separated him, LeBron James floats above it all: untouchable and impenetrable. These final minutes of a 99-93 victory were pure genius inside the Garden – the scoring and passing and devastating defense leaving him with 29 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and a block. Out of an athlete for the centuries, this has been a season for the ages.

Fourteen straight victories for the Heat, and the Knicks were left understanding the truth: Only way they'll beat Miami in the playoffs would've come in the third quarter when James tumbled out of the sky, onto the floor and clutched his left knee. Only way is if James doesn't get up again. Only he did on Sunday – and destroyed the Knicks.

For all the belief that the implementation of a new collective bargaining agreement will ultimately cost Miami the financial freedom to surround the best player with the best supporting cast, the Heat's Shane Battier agrees that the singleness of James' talent – the guarantee of championship contention, his unselfish play, his team-centric ideals – make him immune to Wholesale 2013 Jerseys some changing economic realities.

In an NBA where more good players Nike Cheap NFL Jerseys will be made to play for far less money on far shorter deals, James will be a bigger magnet than ever, right?