Rating the 5 Things Motivating Rajon Rondo to Win Another NBA Title

Judging from what we've seen so far this season, Rajon Rondo appears to have finally put it all together—a truly scary development for the rest of professional basketball.nike nfl elite jerseys free shipping The lethal combination of improved shooting, improvisational playmaking ability and an unparalleled wherewithal to manhandle every game's tempo has not only made him a strong contender for MVP, but it's increased Boston's already legitimate chance of winning the NBA championship.

If that were to happen, it'd be the second of Rondo's career, and the first with him as the leader Wholesale Nike NFL Cleveland Browns Jerseys and best player on his team. Winning a title would not only solidify this particular era of Celtics basketball as one of the most successful in franchise history, but it'd seriously boost Rondo's reputation and stature as one of basketball's all-time great point guards—a fact I'm sure he's more than aware of.

The rationale may be obvious, but here's a breakdown of five reasons Rondo is motivated to win the NBA title this season.