Today Starts the (Sorta) Last Large East Tourney

In around an hour, the 30th annual Large East Tournament will tip off at Madison Square Garden, without any. 9 seed Connecticut playing perpetual No. 16 seed DePaul. If you're peering from your work right now to watch the games on ESPN3, you'll hear the tv stations talk bunches and gobs about how exactly this is actually the last true Large East Tournament. Realize that this really is (likely) not the case. Sure, West Virginia is departing the conference following this season, but honestly: Who likes you West Virginia? Go, you! We haven’t thought about you because the times of Pittsnogle. Otherwise? This might be exactly the same the coming year.

Obviously, you need to most likely pretend like this is actually the 4g iphone anyway, because: (a) nobody quite knows still what’s going to take place with Syracuse and Pittsburgh (whether they’ll be discrete before the coming year or otherwise), and (b) it’s fun to pretend the planet is ending even when may possibly not be. In either case, sooner or later, the Large East Tournament - probably the most purely entertaining sports spectacles this city hosts every year - will morph into something inferior sooner or later, and it is likely to be doing this due to nfl and college football, an activity nobody here likes you (unless of course obviously you aren't came from here, or you’re a degenerate gambler). So you ought to most likely attempt to appreciate it now.

The neighborhood position- despite the fact that each one of these teams are kind of “local” - is St. John’s, which wound up having a No. 12 seed. Which means they needs to play today, alas, within the first first round (the pre-pre-bye round!), at roughly 2:30 p.m., against Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh is worse this season of computer usually is.) Really the only team within this tournament that means something, a minimum of on the national scale, is Syracuse, which lost only one time all year long and won’t play in the Garden until noon on Thursday (against West Virginia, Connecticut, or DePaul). Anything else is dependent on NCAA Tournament positioning. The conference won’t land the eleven bids it did this past year, but ten isn’t unthinkable.

But in either case: There's Tuesday-mid-day basketball! Championship Week is the greatest. Our very own Joe DeLessio can there be today and will also be declaring us following the St. John’s game. Here’s the entire sked. Honestly, you need to leave work at this time and go. Today’s the least expensive the tourney will get.