What's going to Dwight Howard be hearing?

Exactly what a strange weekend is coming up next for Dwight Howard.

At first glance he'll be Orlando's unofficial host for that National basketball association All-Star festivities, sitting on the leading porch together with his engaging grin and open arms. But everyone knows his bags are packed and placed directly behind the leading door.

As was stated in Page 2's "Party of 5InchHoward is hosting the social gathering while divorce proceedings continue. A hard time.

Howard is reluctant to speak to the media and, truthfully, what's he to state since he told the Orlando Miracle he wants out? The Miracle, using the support on most fans, keep saying something to alter his mind.

But now all of the game's stars and energy-brokers come in Orlando to whisper into his ear. What's going to they are saying hoping tempting him to 1 National basketball association city or any other? The potential solutions to that particular question would be the grounds for this week's readers-produced list.