Celtics Versus. Pistons: Boston Falls To Detroit For Second Time Per Week

The Detroit Pistons have enhanced rapidly this year, 7-3 in Feb after beginning the growing season 4-19. But that does not mean the club ought to be beating the Boston Celtics two times within the length of per week. Detroit required Boston towards the house again on Sunday, benefiting on the large second quarter and holding onto win 96-81 in the Structure.

Rajon Rondo was thrown for tossing the ball in an official, but even if he is at the overall game Boston battled mightily with turnovers. They racked 22 free gifts in 93 possessions, with Rondo at the forefront with six in 28 minutes. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen had five and four each. That was in stark contrast to Detroit's 14 assists, and assisted the Pistons win by double-numbers despite shooting just 37.8 percent in the floor.

Greg Monroe looked prefer player on the ground, and most likely was. MonRobocop carried out with 17 points, 10 rebounds and three assists his line could have been better had he hit several of his seven free throw attempts. He's been a 77 percent free-throw shooter around the season, which means this performance was uncharacteristic.

In other action:

Timberwolves 92, Sixers 91: It was 1 of 2 games where a solid defender committed a vital, terrible foul while up with a point with seconds left. In that one, Andre Iguodala -- an exciting-Star largely due to his defensive prowess -- fouled a driving Kevin Love with Philadelphia up by one, delivering the large guy towards the line with .1 seconds left. Love hit both, and that is all she authored. Ough Rubio obtained work-high 22 points.

Cavaliers 93, Nobleman 92: Here's another demonstration of unhealthy foul -- with Sacramento up one on the highway, Tyreke Evans fouled a driving Kyrie Irving, delivering the rookie towards the line with .4 seconds left. Irving hit both, and also the Kings' tip attempt(s) were ineffective. The Nobleman dropped their fifth straight and destroyed a wonderfully good 23-point, 11-assist, 8-rebound game from Isaiah Thomas.

Rockets 101, Jazz 85: Houston shot 51 percent. Utah shot 39 percent. The Jazz bench went 6-of-30 in the floor.

Pacers 108, Bobcats 73: Maaaaaaaaaan ...

Dollars 92, Nets 85: How are you aware Brook Lopez has returned? Since the Nets' beginning center position only created two rebounds.